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Mother Goose Goldendoodles is a bit of a family affair. I got my first Goldendoodle from my Mom, who is a retired Goldendoodle Breeder in Colorado. It has been my dream to do what she did and further ensure the quality of Goldendoodle breeding.  

After a lifetime of observing information about the breeding process, I knew it was the right time to breed my girl, Goose. Since having Goose, we kept one of her puppies, Wren! Because of Goose and Wren, my husband and I have known so much love, joy and excitement! 

The Goldendoodles we breed are Multigenerational Miniature Goldendoodles. Goose, is an apricot, F1B Miniature Goldendoodle. She is 25 pounds and is CKC certified. She has undergone Canine Genetic Health Testing and hips and elbows have been evaluated by The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Wren is an apricot, F1BB Miniature Goldendoodle. She is also 25 pounds and CKC Certified with Genetic Health Testing. 

The puppies are raised inside our home to provide daily interaction, affection, and constant supervision. We are extremely dedicated to the quality of the puppies that we breed.  

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